Student Feedback

We encourage all of our stakeholders to provide feedback to us about the Non-Medical Helper One to One Study Skills Support Service that we offer. You can provide your feedback anonymously. Please follow the following link relevant to you and complete the attached form. All feedback will be managed by the Chief Executive Steven O’Brien. 

Student feedback link: Download Form

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Maria, 33: Nursing Bsc

Just wanted to let your team know that my tutor Nicky has been my rock helping me through the highs and lows of uni over these last three years. There were times I almost gave up on my course but Nicky helped me identify ways of getting through challenges. I have learnt skills that will help me in my nursing career such as mathematical skills that will help with drug calculations and organisational skills that will be crucial in my new nursing role. In addition to this, I have gained valuable I.T, writing and research skills which have helped me to achieve high grades in my assignments. These new skills have given me the confidence to hopefully go on to study at master’s level one day. There have been times due to the pressure of long hospital placement hours, uni presentations, exams, assignments, working part time and personal life changes where I have had a few tearful moments! Nicky has always been supportive and helped to me to find coping strategies during times when I've had increased workloads. It had been a while since I had been for a job interview something which I was extremely nervous about, Nicky again helped me build skills for interviews and partly due to her support I was offered 3 jobs, one of which is an internationally recognised hospital trust!! If I hadn't had any of this support I wouldn't have been here now sharing my success, I will always remember Nicky for all she has done to help me on my nursing journey, she's amazing!

Charmaine, 26: Environmental Health

My support worker Nicky has been a great help to me if I didn't have this support I would not have got through University

Charlie, 33: Mental Health Nursing

The help and support that I have received have given me skills to be able to plan my work load, learn new ways to be able to structure my assignments and find a working style that best suits me. Support with revision technique has been invaluable

Katie, 20: Fine Art BA

The support from you has helped me out so much, I would have struggled. Brilliant service and instant help, I felt comfortable and understood. Also, being able to talk about dyslexia and having a complete understanding of what it is, has made me more confident as a person and not embarrassed. Thank you for making my uni life less confusing, relaxed and enjoyable.

Penny, 23: MA social work

Isobel has been extremely helpful during my time at University, from previously not accepting or benefiting from support Isobel has been a breath of fresh air. She has given me skills which I will take onto employment and can always remember her tips when writing my essays. I have seen an improvement in my grades and my own writing because of her support. Thank you.

Dannileigh, 22: Fine Art

For me the dyslexia support has helped me progress and grow has an individual and as an artist. It has helped me to gain confidence in my art work but also out of university. The support has helped me learn new skills as well as achieve my goals.

Danielle, 21: Health and Social Care for Individuals

Families and Communities. The confidence I was given through support helped my academically, just as much as the support with my work and no question was ever too much to ask

Leila, 20: Fine Art   

something about how the support has helped - The support has helped me loads with the written part of my course. I have been getting Firsts in all of my history of art assessment essays and meeting with Tracy my tutor has made sure I get my work done on time. Thank you

Karen, 39: Learning Developing and support BA Hons

Having the support has given confidence and has enabled me to gain a better understanding of academic work.

Louis, 28: Bsc adult nursing

I have the utmost respect for what this foundation does, I recently found out I was dyslexic and it came at a very hard time in my studies. Without the help of the foundation, I don’t seriously don’t know how I would have got through my 2nd year of university everyone who I have had contact with from the foundation have been friendly reliable and very knowledgeable in helping, and teaching skills needed to complete work and even help organise an already hectic schedule. I can’t say how much I appreciated the help that I received and would recommend this foundation to anyone.

Chrissie 35 year old: Pharmacy course

I would just like to thank Nicky my dyslexia support tutor for the past 4 years, she has supported me planning my essays, assignments and to get me organised. She always was there when ever I needed her to proof read my work before I submitted it, it's been a great help for me to have the support of someone who understands the difficulties you can have when your dyslexic. Meeting to discuss my concerns or worries, she always made me feel positive and that I could do it and I would come away feeling great and been able to do the work

Rachel 23: Nursing (Mental Health)

The support from the dyslexia foundation has truly amazing in helping me with my studies. They have helped me develop my writing styles and techniques, throughout the time I've worked with them. Along with helping me develop my confidence in my own work. I am very grateful for their support with my assignments

Phebean 48: BA Hons Midwifery with Registration.

The support from my dyslexic tutor has enabled me to balance my work load and Prioritise my assignments so that I have been able to meet deadlines. As well as manage my family time so that I can support my children with their home. Having support for my work from a person outside of my course lectures enables me to have a non-specialist proof read my work for correct grammar and academic language/layout. This has made it easier to concentrate on the terminology to develop an understanding of the subject

Lydia 24: Primary education course

The support I have received through the dyslexic foundation has been invaluable. I would not have gotten as far as I am without it. Thank you so much

Lee 22: Applied Sports Psychology

This support has massively helped my studies in terms of correcting sentence structures, paragraph structures and misspelt words. It has also been very helpful for my revision, talking aloud notes is very beneficial.

Beth, 20 years old: Adult nursing.

The support received by yourself has helped me a lot the past year as it has helped me to plan essays effectively ensuring I cover every aspect of the criteria. It has also helped me with my vocabulary and confidence when writing my essays as well as helping me achieve the best grades possible through the help of proof reading, grammar and punctuality. I look forward to working with yourself throughout my last 2 years of uni

Robyn 22 Undergraduate - Education Studies with Special and Inclusive needs, Current course- PGCE Primary 5-11 with a Specialism of SEN.

The support I have received has been highly beneficial. It did not only enable me to achieve a 2:1 in my undergraduate course and gain a place on a teacher training programme, it taught me aspects of English that I never thought I would be able to correctly use. The support has and continues to teach me so much about my ability and strengths even though I struggle with English, and this is down to the talented, patient and hardworking people supporting students like myself to fulfil their dreams.

George 20: Multimedia Computing 2nd year

The support from the Dyslexia Foundation has been fantastic! My personal tutor has helped me a lot during this 2 years. Not only the foundation has helped me on how to practise it has also helped me mentally and psychologically!   

Anis 51: Community Nutrition

Thank for your support in helping me get through my degree by providing me with a special tutor Susan. She had helped me in many areas including essay planning and developing essential computer skills. Currently, I am in the middle of my exams.

Rhian 21

The extra help from the dyslexia foundation has been amazing and I'm so happy that I've had help this year. TRACY has been amazing and has helped me tremendously and I'm very grateful. I have never been fantastic at writing and spelling but with the help, i have had a fantastic year writing essays as I'm

Shawn 23: International Tourism Management

I feel that the service that has been provided from my tutor has really helped me and has given me the chance to become more confident in myself and work to the best of my ability

Sophie 24: Accountancy

I had Lynne as a support tutor, she was brilliant she would help me with time management skills and would produce personalised timetables, revision help and timetable, she would also help with written work.