Non-medical helper one to one support

All students undertake an induction with the Study Skills Support Agency Manager, to go through the student/tutor contract. This is so that the student is fully aware of the support on offer, and so that they can be matched to a suitable tutor, that will meet their individual needs.

Our one to one support is always designed around the individual needs of the student, based upon the professional diagnosis provided in the needs assessment.

One to one support sessions are student lead, and the content of each session is aimed at meeting the student's individual needs and requirements.

Our support package will usually incorporate the following:

Organisational skills - including time management, memory aids, prioritising and working to deadlines, planning, and independent study.

Study skills – which includes the initial identification of the student's current coping strategies, skills, and qualities, which when combined with new ones will be introduced during the study sessions to help them work and study effectively.

Research skills - including identifying tasks, improving reading comprehension, recording and using information, Harvard referencing and reviewing.

Developing writing skills - including planning assignments, structuring essays, introductions, developing an argument and conclusions, checking paragraph structure and linking ideas together all aimed at improving the students’ academic writing style

Different academic writing styles will be considered with the student including descriptive writing, critical analysis, reflective writing, editing drafts and reviewing. The do’s and don’ts of academic writing are also explored.

Assistance with projects, dissertations, reports and case studies including developing research strategies, questionnaires and interview techniques, layout presentation and style, conclusions and recommendations.

Assistance with critical analytical thinking including developing critical writing versus descriptive writing styles.

Assistance with revision and exams including revision and exam strategies, action plans, mind mapping and managing stress.

Confidence with mathematics - including statistics, calculations, interpreting graphs and tables, understanding percentages, calculating averages and understanding technical terms

We provide written study skill resources for all the above and comprehensive referencing guide to all our students (Harvard, OSOLA, American Psychological Association).